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Why You Should Use a Dog Trainer

Even when there are no behavioral issues Most Americans don’t hire dog trainers until things have gotten out of hand with their dogs. Unfortunately, this makes things harder in the long run because it’s far easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix one. We’ll discuss why you should use a dog trainer, even when there are no behavioral issues. In fact, studies show that attending puppy classes can help puppies stay in their homes and are more trainable as adults. Working with a dog trainer when your dog is just a puppy or a newly adopted adult…

Top 5 pet training accounts

Who to Follow and Why It’s easy – and fun – to fill your Instagram feed with gorgeous dogs romping along mountain ridges or through the forest. What could be better than that? As a matter of fact, if you truly love dogs and want to use your social media scrolling as a way to learn, there are great Instagram accounts for learning more about dog training and dog behavior. Check out these top 5 pet training accounts that are some of our favorites to follow and why. All of these offer sound training advice using science-backed positive reinforcement training…