Dog Swimming Safety Tips

Summer is coming up and we will all be ready to cool off in the water, our pets included. There are many dog-friendly areas that are safe to teach your dog how to swim. We will go over how to give CPR in case of an emergency, and some other dog swimming safety tips for fun swim days! @jessicaanngosnell Avoid Hot Tubs Hot tubs can lead to a heatstroke, because dogs do not thermoregulate their bodies as we do. There may be a bunch of fur in your filter, but dogs are allowed to swim in chlorinated pools. As long…

Do’s and Don’ts of Household Cleaners

Cleaning your home as a dog owner is a no-brainer. But, are your cleaning methods helping or hurting? Harsh chemicals in household cleaners can affect our senses as humans, and can have an even larger effect on our pets. Keep your pets safe by knowing what products are safe and how they can impact your furry friends. Cleaners can be toxic Dogs are closer to the floor. They sniff and sometimes even lick the floor, and spend all day walking and sleeping very close to it. Even if a human thinks that a small has dissipated, it may not have.…