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Dog Swimming Safety Tips

Summer is coming up and we will all be ready to cool off in the water, our pets included. There are many dog-friendly areas that are safe to teach your dog how to swim. We will go over how to give CPR in case of an emergency, and some other dog swimming safety tips for fun swim days! @jessicaanngosnell Avoid Hot Tubs Hot tubs can lead to a heatstroke, because dogs do not thermoregulate their bodies as we do. There may be a bunch of fur in your filter, but dogs are allowed to swim in chlorinated pools. As long…

Can essential oils harm pets?

With the rise in popularity of essential oils, it’s important to know how they can affect not only us, but the others that live in our homes as well. There have been many claims about how oils can have a positive impact on our health. But, will they have the same impact on our pets? According to a user on Twitter, she was diffusing tea tree oil around her place and noticed that her dog and cat started to act strange and lethargic. She later found out that tea tree is toxic to both dogs and cats. She shared her…