New puppy


Puppy Behaviors to Look Out For

Bringing home a puppy is a time of joy and apprehension! When I brought my new puppy home a few weeks ago, I spent a lot of time and energy scrutinizing his every move. Was this behavior normal? Would he grow up to be a happy, confident dog? Did I need to worry about anything? What are the behaviors to look out for in a new puppy? It was exhausting. There are certain problem behaviors that are incredibly common and normal puppy behavior: chewing, crying when alone, having potty accidents, and biting at hands, to name a few. But there…

How to Choose a Name for your Dog

Choosing a name for a dog is one of the many exciting things about getting a puppy. For some people, picking a name can be quick and easy. For others, it’s a task that involves research, debates and maybe even a change or two. After all, a dog’s name is permanent (well, usually)! In order to help you choose, we have put together some ideas to consider during the name process. As I held my first puppy, I felt completely stumped as to what I should call this squirmy, white, fluff ball looking up at me. After careful consideration and…