Dog Training- How Long Will It Take?

How Long Will It Take To Train My Dog? When you come home to a yellow puddle on the floor or a new hole in the yard, it can be easy to ask: when will it end? When will my dog finally graduate to the “trained” category? Is dog training a never ending cycle? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as that. The Truth It may hurt to hear, but I’m going to dish it out anyway: you’re never done. Dog training is a lifelong process. You will need to continue to build your dog’s skills and reinforce behaviors in…

Make the Most Out of Dog Walks

The same old walk around the block can get boring not just for us, but also for our dogs. There are a few different things you can do to make a walk more exciting for your dog, and more productive for you. First things first, leave your phone at home and make sure you bring plenty of treats and bags. Dog walks can be mindless, but it should be a time that you use to connect and bond with your dog. Change Your Routine Up 1. The easiest way to make dog walks more exciting is to change up the…