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RV and Camping List for Traveling with Your Dog

There is nothing more fun than bringing your dog on a trip! Traveling a long distance can be hard, so you want to make sure you are prepared for anything. Whether you are taking out the RV or camping and traveling around here is a list of some things your dog will certainly need:  Dog Beds They will need a place to rest during the day and at night. A nice memory foam bed with raised sides is perfect for a long night’s rest on the bumpy road. Our raised beds provide ample air circulation under your dog, keeping them cool during…

How to Choose a Senior Dog Bed

As your pup begins to age, you may notice they are experiencing the same things as humans do: stiff joints, aches, pains, and a lower energy level. It’s part of life to succumb to the downsides of aging. To help combat the side effects, provide your senior pet a good bed to catch some ZZZ’s on. The criteria for a good dog bed changes as your pet ages.  Here is what you should consider when choosing a senior dog bed. Support An important factor in choosing your dog’s bed is the support it provides. A firm structure is helpful for an…