dog aggression


What do I do for my dog who is seemingly aggressive or reactive to other dogs?

Aggressive or reactive behavior is one of the most common dog behavior issues I see in my work as a dog behavior consultant. This is likely due to our increasingly restrictive urban environment. Many dogs are frustrated, excited, or even fearful at the sight of other dogs. These strong emotions can manifest as barking, lunging, and generally behaving aggressively towards other dogs. So, what do you do when your dog is seemingly aggressive or reactive to other dogs? The first thing to understand when dealing with a leash reactive dog is that they are really struggling emotionally in most cases.…

Can Dog Aggression Be Fixed?

Dealing with dog aggression is one of the parts of being a dog owner that most of us would rather avoid. But as a dog behavior consultant, dealing with dog aggression is one of my daily tasks. Β The majority of dog aggression comes from fear or discomfort. Undersocialized dogs and dogs who live in chaotic environments are at the highest risk. Many of the dog bites that I see can be traced back to an unfortunate combination of environment, genetics, training and a specific trigger. When people ask me if dog aggression can be fixed, my answer is always that…