Adoption story


Salty: the smiling Greyhound

Some dogs seem to have all the personality. Salty is one pup whose personality shines through just by looking at her. With a fancy wardrobe and distinct smile, Salty radiates a joy for life. Turns out not only is Salty adorable, but this fabulous pup comes with a story.  From being a former racing dog to a dog in desperate need of a human to rescue her – read the unique adoption story of Salty: the smiling Greyhound. How did you rescue Salty? We got Salty from a wonderful rescue group, Gumtree Greys (@gumtreegreys). They rescued Salty when she was 5…

Gigi The Adopted Chihuahua: A Perfect Fit

Adopting a dog can often be seen as a lengthy process for someone anxious to get a new pup. In many cases, the adoption process simply involves an extra precautionary step in order to receive your new furry companion. The rewards of adopting include not just getting a great pup, but saving the life of one. Here’s the story of Gigi, a tiny, adorable chihuahua mix that looks like she could have come from an expensive breeder. Her story is a reminder of how rewarding adopting a pup can be.  How did you rescue your dog?  I first saw Gigi…