Do you get that Spring cleaning itch? The one where you want to clean out everything in the house? Get rid of everything and re-decorate? Spring is the perfect time to add some new touches to your home decor. If you’re a fur parent we know your pet has a special place in both your heart and your home.

Whatever your interior style is (farmhouse, bohemian, modern, industrial, etc.) our products fit into your everyday lifestyle to create comfortable, stylish, and functional pieces for both you and your pet. Read on to learn how we add our products into our home decor to show our love for our pets.

Pet artwork as decor

Adding your pet’s photo or objects that are related to your pet’s breed around your home is something that many of us pet parents do. There are many companies today that will create unique pieces of artwork based on a photograph of your pet.

Dog sitting on couch and pet bed with dog painting on wall behind him and dog decor

Other pieces that can be added to your home decor are things like specific pet breed items and antique items. Something like our cast iron dog used as a bookend shown below. Searching antique stores is a fun way to find some unique pet pieces. These become conversation starters and can really pull together your home decor and love for your pets. Look for things like old postcards, advertisements or magazines, books, figurines, seasonal items, or containers. These items can offer storage and functionality with your decor and style as well.

Fresh Blooms

Greenery and flowers are a big part of Spring and home decor. Keep in mind, the plants you bring into the house should be non toxic to your pet. If you have a smaller pet, keep you plants on tables or in plant stands in cute pots. If your pet is larger and can reach tables or can jump onto higher areas try using hanging plant holders. Find a list of pet friendly indoor plants here.

Photo of plant sitting on coffee table with dog decor on table and pet bed on couch in the background.

Pet Friendly Room

Additionally, incorporate your pet and their things into the look and style of your home by creating their very own room or area specifically for them. Some areas like under the stairs offer extra room that can be used as a built in dog home. Other homes have mud rooms where using a pet gate allows owners to create a safe space for their pet.

Dog sitting in kennel in his own area in the house with his toys and bed and dog decor.
Dog sitting in front of kennel with dog decor on the wall and toys around

Adding fun wall mounts to hold your pet’s belongings, like leashes, collars, jackets or travel bags, add a fun decor element that can match the rest of your interior style. Another decor piece you can add is a message board. This board can be for pet sitters or a chore board for kids to remember to feed or walk pets.

Carlson Pet Products has multiple products, like our 2-in-1 Super Wide Pet Pen and Gate, that can create a full barrier to keep your pet safe in their own space. Add their bed, kennel, toys, and other belongings in the created space to create their very own “room” that they have access to both when you are in and out of the home.

Dog standing at dog gate in their own doggie room with bed and pet decor

Pet Friendly Patio and Decor

After a crazy year of being stuck at home, many of us are looking forward to spending time outdoors. We love patio season and backyard BBQs. More importantly, we love when our pets can join us in these spaces too!

A fun way to show love for your pets or just how much of a crazy fur parent you are is by adding a fun doormat so your neighbors and the Amazon delivery guy get a good laugh. Let’s be honest, it’s very possible that those Amazon boxes have a few pet items in them anyway.

Dog on pet bed with paw on door mat that says 'Hope you brought wine and dog treats'

Remember those indoor pet-friendly plants? Outdoor flowers and plants should be pet-friendly too. In addition, if you have a vegetable garden make sure to plant pet-friendly items in there too. These can make great healthy, natural, food options for them.

If you don’t have a fenced-in yard, but want your pet to enjoy some sunshine and patio time, we offer patio gates and pet pens that can help keep your pet safe outdoors too. We go into more depth about creating a pet-friendly patio in our blog post here.

Cat on patio sunbathing near patio gate

Get your DIY on

Like DIY projects? Find clay plant pots from thrift stores or yard sales. Painting your pet’s name or paw prints on the pot brings an element of your pet into your yard. Mourning a pet? Honor them with their own potted plant and painted pot on your patio or in the yard. Do this for your indoor plants too!

Whether you’re updating your home with some fresh new Spring decor or just wanting to rearrange a room and add a new piece or two look for some fun and unique pieces that show off your pets. Using small pieces to store, hold, and frame your pet’s belongings are subtle but functional ways you can add pet decor into your everyday lifestyle home decor.

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