While people continue to do their part for the environment, we can’t forget about the impact of pet ownership on the environment. In this article you will find eco-friendly items that you can use for your dog everyday and as a part of a travel kit. There are many things that we need to prepare for and pack on a trip with our dogs. Here are the most important items to consider:

Dog laying on dog cot with head turned looking behind him with an eco friendly dog collar on.

1. Collar

Some pet owners may choose to keep a collar on their dog all year round, but some store it away. There are many hemp, recycled plastic, and up-cycled collars available on the market. Hemp collars are a great choice because they are hypoallergenic, perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. Instead of leaving the plastic and rubber tires sitting in our landfills, companies are making dog collars out of them. Remember to always have a license tag attached to your dog’s collar with your contact information and proof of rabies vaccination making this an easy and simple item to add to your eco-friendly dog travel kit.

A lady walking her dog down the sidewalk with an eco friendly dog leash.

2. Leash

Eco-friendly leashes have flooded the Etsy market and are made of many different materials, including canvas, bamboo, silicone, and more. A good travel leash should be adjustable with a clip in case you need to hook your dog to a bench or chair while eating outside. 

Dog sitting on dog cot in front of a camp fire with a bandana and eco friendly dog harness on.

3. Harness

If you’ve got a puller, make sure you bring a harness with you on your trip. This can be helpful in areas with large crowds or on a long nature walk where you are traveling.  A good harness will clip in the front or back and also be adjustable. 

4. Waste Bags

Never forget to bring bags! When it comes to being eco-friendly, poop bags are a tough subject. Not only do public areas provide us with single use plastic bags, but “biodegradable” bags are also now controversial. Dog waste in plastic bags is a huge contributor in our landfills and right now there are very few environmentally friendly options. Many of the plastic-free options are paper, which breaks down must faster. 

A dog standing on a dog cot while licking something out of a cup.

5. Food & Water Dishes

Stay away from plastic bowls and dishes for your dog. Some of the best eco-friendly bowls are made of stainless steel, bamboo, and silicon. Folding dishes or ones with a top can be very helpful when traveling with kibble to prevent using any plastic bags. Bamboo bowls are also very hardy and chew-proof!

An above photo shot looking down on a dog who is laying on a cot with a travel blanket.

6. Towels

Every dog is bound to get wet or dirty on a trip, so check out environmentally safe towels. We tend not to think about how cheap, non-organic cotton towels affect our lives. But, growing cotton contributes largely to cancer rates among farmers, pesticide use, and insecticide use. Ditch the dog wipes and start using towels that are sustainable for our environment. 

A puppy sitting on a cot with two hands offering different training treats that are eco friendly.

7. Treats

Contrary to popular belief, raw and grain-free treats are not all healthy for our dogs. They are also not always eco-friendly either. It takes a massive amount of water and grain to grow livestock, not to mention the waste runoff issue we see happening all over the country. Eco-friendly dog treat options should be organic, ethically sourced, and incorporate all types of ingredients such as peas, carrots, grains, and meats. A balanced dog treat is a healthy dog treat and will also prevent any stomach issues if given in excess. 

8. Toys

Imagine how many dog toys are ending up in the landfill. Dog toys need to start being made with better materials. Some companies offer non-toxic organic cotton, bamboo, and recycling programs, where you can send destroyed dog toys to be manufactured into new toys. 

A dog laying on an eco friendly dog cot from Carlson Pet in front of a tent while licking a bone.

9. Elevated Bed

Collapsible, reusable beds that provide plenty of comfort are our specialty. Elevated dog beds are easy to clean and also provide plenty of airflow for any hot vacations. They are also easy to pack for a camping trip and they keep your dog from laying on anything dirty on the ground. 

After you have gathered up everything you need, don’t forget to look for an eco-friendly dog travel bag. Make sure it has plenty of pockets and don’t forget to have a copy of your dog’s vet records as well. You can save paper by having a digital copy on your phone. Protecting our environment starts with small changes, and you and your dog can help make a difference by picking the right products. A happy earth means space for more happy dogs; safe travels!


Caitlin is originally from Vermont and has been working with animals since she can remember. She studied Behavioral Neuroscience and is now Mastering in Animal Shelter Management in Colorado. Her hobbies include horseback riding, fostering animals, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. She has volunteered at five different animal shelters and worked in three different vet hospitals. Her passions include animal health, behavior, and enrichment. Caitlin also spends time taking high-quality photos of shelter animals to help them get adopted faster.

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