Happy National Trail Mix Day from Carlson Pet Products! As a fun way to celebrate this unique holiday, we have created a Dog-Friendly Trail Mix for your pup. This recipe is easy to make, will last you a long time, and will provide a healthy and yummy way for you to feed your four-legged friend.

Dog-Friendly Trail Mix

This recipe is created specifically for dogs with dog-safe ingredients. If you would like to make a similar trail mix for other animals, please research safe foods for them before doing so. 


Ingredients List:

Kitchen Items:


  1. Grab a large mixing bowl, a large spoon, and a measuring cup. Depending on the size of your sealable container, the size of your measuring cup will change (IE: If you have a small jar, you should use a smaller measuring cup). 
  2. Combine the Cheerios, dried blueberries, dog treats, dried assorted veggies, dried apples, and dog-friendly jerky into the bowl.
  3. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. 
  4. Place the mixed ingredients into a sealable container (we used a large mason jar with a sealable lid). 
  5. Optional: Place an Oxygen Absorber into the mixed ingredients. 
  6. Bone Appétit!

If you make this Dog-Friendly Trail Mix recipe, make sure to post about it and tag us on your socials! 

Remember: Anything is paw-sible!

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