We love a good DIY project! Anyone else? You don’t have to be the most creative person in the room to make these cute DIY pet mom gifts for Mother’s Day! These simple and easy gifts will work for any fur mom and won’t break the bank either. They’re guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face and you can even make more than one! They’re that easy!

DIY Pet Mom Beaded Garland

Art supplies needed  for DIY pet mom gift beaded project for Mother's Day


Wood bead (color of your choice – you can also paint them the color you want)
Wooden end piece or tag end piece
Letter tiles
Hot glue, Tacky glue, or Wood glue


  1. Take twine and wrap it around a book or a base that has the width you would like the tassel length to be.
  2. Once you have the thickness of the tassel, cut a small piece of twine and tie one end to secure it.
  3. Then, slide the twine off the base and cut one end to form the shape of a tassel.
  4. Cut a smaller piece of twine and wrap it around the middle of the tassel and tie tight forming the full tassel shape
  5. Next, cut a long piece of twine (as long as you want your garland to be).
  6. Tie one end to the top of the tassel leaving a longer strand hanging down to tie your wooden piece to later
  7. Start stringing your wooden beads to the long piece of twine.
  8. One you string your twine the length you want tie a loop knot at the top (make sure you tie the knot a few times so the knot stops the wooden bead from sliding loose).
  9. Next, take your wood tag piece and tie it to the longer piece of twine you added earlier.
  10. Then, glue on the tile letters to spell out what you want (we spelled out ‘DogMom’).
  11. Lastly, trim all long twine piece and hot glue all knots to make sure they stay secure.
Beaded garland on tray that says dog mom in tile scrabble letters

DIY Pet Mom Chalk Tray

Chalk tray DIY pet mom gift for Mother's Day project


A tray of your choice (it can be wooden, plastic, ceramic, etc. – we found our tray at a thrift store for $4.99!)
Chalk paint in the color of your choice
Acrylic paint in the color of your choice


  1. Paint your tray with the chalk paint (we used a spray paint chalk paint and did two coats over a two day period to really let it dry well).
  2. Once the chalk paint is dry place your stencil on the tray where you would like to paint the design and choose the acrylic paint color of your choice and paint your stencil design on.
  3. Remove the stencil and let the acrylic paint dry.
  4. Once the acrylic paint is dry, follow instructions for chalk paint on how to use with chalk.
  5. You’re ready to decorate your tray and gift it to a fur mom for Mother’s Day!
Chalk tray DIY Mother's Day project

DIY Pet Mom Mini Plant/Herb Pet Garden

DIY pet mom gift for Mother's Day


Small to medium plant pots of your choice ( if you want it to be budget-friendly check your local thrift store for things like tea cups, wooden bowls, glass bowls, planters and pots)
Acrylic paint in the colors of your choice
Stencils (optional if you want a specific design)
Pet friendly plants, herbs or seeds (think – cat nip, cat grass, lavender, basil, thyme, and if they are a bunny parent carrots and lettuce!)


  1. Decorate your pot the way you want. (we painted a cartoon dog face on one with our dog’s name on the back and did polka-dots on the other. You could decoupage a pot too with photos of the pet if the pot will be staying indoors or even chalk paint the pot too).
  2. Once the paint is dry add soil and plants or seeds to the pots.
  3. We planted seeds for cat grass so we made sure to label those seeds but feel free to find a fun way to label all the plants if you want.

DIY Pet Mom Wine Stoppers

DIY pet gift for Mother's Day wine stopper


Plastic animal figurines
Acrylic paint of your choice
Hot glue or Tacky glue
Bottle of wine


  1. Take the plastic animal figurines and paint them the color of your choice.
  2. Let them dry.
  3. Once dry, glue the figurine to the cork stopper and let the glue dry.
  4. That’s it! Sip, sip hurray!
Cat on cork stopper in wine bottle DIY pet gift for Mother's Day

Don’t forget to decorate the gift bag!

Add some special thought to the gift bag too. Just get a plain colored or paper bag and paint it or add stickers. Then stuff with your favorite DIY Pet Mom gifts for Mother’s Day!

DIY pet gift for Mother's Day paper gift bag decorated with dog stickers that says too mom on a table

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fur Moms out there!

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