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Top 5 pet training accounts

Who to Follow and Why It’s easy – and fun – to fill your Instagram feed with gorgeous dogs romping along mountain ridges or through the forest. What could be better than that? As a matter of fact, if you truly love dogs and want to use your social media scrolling as a way to learn, there are great Instagram accounts for learning more about dog training and dog behavior. Check out these top 5 pet training accounts that are some of our favorites to follow and why. All of these offer sound training advice using science-backed positive reinforcement training…

5 Dog Training Games

Training your dog basic skills doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there’s no reason that your dog needs to know that “come” or “stay” isn’t a fun trick! These dog training games teach your dogs valuable life skills like patience and focus at home or on the road. @samoyedmerlin It’s Your Choice Some dog training games, like this one, teach patience and impulse control around food and toysPlace a few treats in your hand and place your hand above your dog’s head.Keep your hand closed as your dog sniffs, nibbles, or paws at your hand. If he doesn’t stop…