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Senior Dog Training – Is it too late?

It can happen to any pet owner: suddenly (or so it seems), we find ourselves with an older pet. Maybe we adopted a rescue or our long-time family dog has aged, as we all do. Another common situation? Our dog is no longer a puppy, yet he still has serious behavioral issues. We may begin to ask ourselves, is it too late for training? So, is it Too Late? The simple answer is no! Of course, you can teach an old dog new tricks. In fact, in many ways it can be similar to traininga stubborn dog of any age. The Impact…

How to Choose a Senior Dog Bed

As your pup begins to age, you may notice they are experiencing the same things as humans do: stiff joints, aches, pains, and a lower energy level. It’s part of life to succumb to the downsides of aging. To help combat the side effects, provide your senior pet a good bed to catch some ZZZ’s on. The criteria for a good dog bed changes as your pet ages.  Here is what you should consider when choosing a senior dog bed. Support An important factor in choosing your dog’s bed is the support it provides. A firm structure is helpful for an…