rescue story


Rescue story: Kai and Evee Bring the Love

Bringing a rescue dog into your home can fill your heart immensely. Not only are you rescuing them, but they also can rescue you. After her dog passed away, Rae was looking to fill her home again with a furry friend. But, what she didn’t know is that she’d soon have two rescue stories to share! Backyard breeder to shelter to home Kai is our rescue German Shepherd. From what we were told, she wasn’t bought from the breeder, so they brought her to the shelter. We met her and got her the same day she was supposed to be…

Rescue Story: Siblings for Life

Rescuing a dog from an uncertain fate is admirable. Cassie, did this for both her dogs. The more rescue pups the more reward and love, right? Right. Bear and Koda are two mild tempered rescue pups who not only found forever homes, but found a best friend in each other. We talked to Bear and Koda’s mom about her choice to rescue not one, but two sweet pups. What do you know about their pasts? Bear was one of an unwanted litter of puppies in South Carolina. The owners gave some dogs away for free, and the ones that weren’t taken were…