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Top Questions to Ask When Booking a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Pets are part of the family, and many people decide to bring their pets along on their travel plans. If you aren’t the camping type, the chances of staying in a hotel or Airbnb are high. Treat your hotel like a rental to make sure your pet is even allowed. Some places have limitations on the age or the amount of pets you can have. Make sure you ask these top questions when booking a pet-friendly hotel on your next trip. Are there any extra fees or deposits? @flowersbynini Always make sure there are no hidden fees or costs before booking…

7 Pet-Friendly Destinations

Our dogs are a part of our family, and when we’d otherwise travel solo, they make great road trip buddies. When it comes time to plan your next vacation, why not bring your pup with you? Pet friendly destinations encourage us to seek out and experience the fuzzy side of these destinations. Rather than throw a dart at a map to pick your next vacation town, why not follow your nose? Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon is a great base for exploring the Columbia River Gorge and the dramatically-beautiful Oregon coast. Among the city’s best dog parks is Sellwood Riverfront Park,…