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Benefits of Dog Training With a Gate

The vast majority of dog owners consider their pups to be part of the family (ranging from 75% to 95%, depending on the study). But our dogs don’t always understand all the rules of human society – no chewing on furniture, no jumping up on guests, no peeing in the corner. It’s our job as the big-brained primates to help teach them how to behave in our homes. There are many benefits to dog training with a pet gate and gates can be incredibly helpful for many different training task. @girlplusbulldogs Most new puppy owners start out using a crate…

Tricks for Crate Training Your Puppy With Another Dog in the House

The whimpering, the whining, the barking. Dogs know how to make you feel guilty when crate training. Throw another dog who doesn’t need to be crated into the same house and it’s easy to feel that you’ve betrayed your furry friend by crating them. My puppy, entered our family as the second dog. Our full-grown dog was allowed to roam freely when nobody was home. To the contrary, our puppy needed constant supervision from chewing on TV wires, shoes, and toilet paper. The easiest solution was to begin crate training. I was able to provide a safe space where my…