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Sugary Treat Alternatives

There’s no doubt about it, dogs love treats. Whether it’s store-bought or something you’re snacking on, your pooch will happily devour it if given the chance. However, we want them to live long and healthy lives so we may not feed them everything they want. Sugar in dog treats? Did you know that many manufactured dog treats contain sugar? Companies put sugar in their treats mainly for texture but it operates as a preservative too. If you’re searching for a dog treat, be sure to read the labels before you buy. Check to make sure the treats don’t have artificial…

A Homemade Diet May Be The Answer to Your Dog’s Obesity

According to CBS News, more than half of all canine pets in the U.S. are overweight or obese. It’s a sad fact that dogs are gaining too many pounds these days from calorie-laden snacks and treats, causing problems to their digestive health and immune system among a slew of other complications. What’s worse, owners are often unaware of the actual reasons for the obesity and don’t realize they’re the ones responsible for it in the first place. Factors that influence whether or not a dog is or will become overweight Food Clearly the front runner for dog obesity, the amount of food you give your dog is often…