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Tips on How to Feed Multiple Dogs at The Same Time

When you see a family with a lot of dogs, you may think to yourself: how do they feed multiple dogs at the same time? Many dogs struggle with food guarding or steal their siblings’ food. It’s common behavior, but can cause chaos and fear in a household. Here are some tips and tricks to share with your canines so mealtime goes more smoothly. Barriers There are many different types of barriers used to separate dogs during feeding time. Barriers are the safest and most effective way to make sure every dog gets their meal. When each dog has their own room,…

Free Feeding v. Scheduled Eating

Bringing home a new puppy can be scary because you’re now responsible for another living thing. Their basic needs now mirror your own and you find yourself wondering when they need to eat, what type of food you should feed, and how much they really need. When I brought home my new puppy, he was not very interested in the food I bought him for the first couple days. He also didn’t want to eat out of his bowl but preferred when I would throw it toward him on the ground. I had planned to free feed, but my vet…