Feeding your dog


Tips on How to Feed Multiple Dogs at The Same Time

When you see a family with a lot of dogs, you may think to yourself: how do they feed multiple dogs at the same time? Many dogs struggle with food guarding or steal their siblings’ food. It’s common behavior, but can cause chaos and fear in a household. Here are some tips and tricks to share with your canines so mealtime goes more smoothly. Barriers There are many different types of barriers used to separate dogs during feeding time. Barriers are the safest and most effective way to make sure every dog gets their meal. When each dog has their own room,…

The Dos and Don’ts for Choosing a Good Dog Food

Have you ever walked into your local pet store and been completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of dog food options available? We get it. Choosing a good dog food is confusing. Dog food brands often use convoluted language in their advertising, making it even more difficult to know what you’re feeding your dog. To ensure your furry friends remain healthy and happy, check out our tips for choosing a good dog food. A Wholesome Diet A good starting point is to understand, like humans, dogs also need a wholesome, balanced diet. Unlike people, dogs usually have one type of food…