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DIY Salmon Dog Treats for Training

Our dogs show us love with sweet kisses, and we often show it back by giving them one of their favorite treats. In the case of training, however, our dog does something good and we reward with a treat to enforce the behavior. In recent studies, using food as a motivator has been proven to increase response time in dogs. This particular study found that food shortened the length of time taken to complete the response to the command. However, this difference occurred only in the early training phase and not later in the process. So, once your dog learns…

Tips for Training Your Dog For Recall

Training your dog for recall is the most important command a dog can learn. The ability to listen and react to your voice is important for their safety and well-being. The two commands, “come” and “stay” are difficult to teach but with practice every dog can learn recall. The command “come” is to recall the dog to your side. Recall is the action you want the dog to do and “come” is the easiest word for the dog to understand. If you’re in the process of training your dog for recall, these tips will help your dog come every time…