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Toys to Keep Dogs Busy

We would love to spend all day entertaining our dogs, but that isn’t always the reality. Dogs crave stimulation and at times require more energy than we have available. Luckily, there are toys to keep dogs busy, so they don’t miss out on the mental stimulation they need. Keeping your dog busy can keep them out of trouble. Many toys also have learning properties that can teach your dog patterns and activities. Bored dogs turn into naughty dogs and when you’re not available to provide their needed entertainment, they’ll keep themselves busy doing something you’ve definitely told them not to…

5 Toys That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

You know the feeling… Giving your dog a brand new toy and reveling in the joy on their furry face. But, could that toy you just handed over be harmful? Dog toys can be a great tool to provide mental stimulation for dogs. However, it is important to know that some toys that are not safe for dogs. Here are five potentially dangerous dog toys. 1. Ball-shaped toys with only one hole These toys can be extremely dangerous to your pup. If they get their tongue stuck in the opening, it will create a vacuum and trap their tongue in the toy.…