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What medicines does your dog need throughout the year?

Here are the vaccines, medicines, and vitamins recommended for your dog throughout the year. Below is a vaccine schedule and a list of important things to purchase at the annual vet visit so you know what medicines your dog needs throughout the year. Your dog will need shots, preventatives, and potentially supplements throughout the year so remember to stick to the schedule. Please remember that all dogs are different and talking to a vet about your dog’s health is one of the most important things a dog owner can do. These vaccine’s are based on the most common vaccines ordered by vets and…

3 Dog Treats to Hide Pills In

Getting your dog to swallow a pill can be more than challenging- it can be close to impossible. Finding dog treats to hide pills in effectively is also a challenge. Dogs are sneaky when it comes to eating meds. Our dog has eaten every piece kibble of in the bowl, except the wrapped-up pill. They have also held medication in their mouth for ages just to spit it up again. We have seen it all. There is store bought option such as Pill Pockets, but they are pretty expensive. If you have a pup that needs daily medications, buying pre-made…