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Home Decor and Pets

Do you get that Spring cleaning itch? The one where you want to clean out everything in the house? Get rid of everything and re-decorate? Spring is the perfect time to add some new touches to your home decor. If you’re a fur parent we know your pet has a special place in both your heart and your home. Whatever your interior style is (farmhouse, bohemian, modern, industrial, etc.) our products fit into your everyday lifestyle to create comfortable, stylish, and functional pieces for both you and your pet. Read on to learn how we add our products into our…

Moving with Your Dog

Moving is stressful for us, but imagine being a dog. Your humans are packing away all your things, but you have no idea where you are even going! We know they will love their new homes, but we need to make sure the process is as stress-free as possible for our beloved pets. Here are some things to think about when it comes to moving with your dog. While Packing You can always train and treat your dog around packing and boxes. If they seem to be bothered by the loud noises of the tape and boxes moving, make them a safe area…