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4 Tricks for Teaching Your Dog to Enjoy Being Brushed

Every dog needs to be brushed at some point in their life. If you have a long, thick haired dog like me, you may need to do it every single day. Getting those snarls out isn’t an easy process, and if your pup is like mine, they HATE being brushed at home. I’ve been on a year’s journey to find a way to help my dog enjoy being brushed and I’m going to share 4 tips and tricks to teach your dog to enjoy being brushed that have significantly helped me. If your dog is one of those special breeds…

How to Remove Ticks From Your Dog

When Spring is in the air, it’s time to talk about something every dog owner should be on the look out for: ticks. The disease carrying insects thrive in the spring and summer months, which is also when you’re most likely to enjoy nature with your furry best friend. Although ticks may seem harmless due to their size, they are very dangerous to dogs and humans. The insects can infect their hosts with a variety of nasty diseases including Lyme Disease, Canine Ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. In some situations, a dog who is infected by a tick can develop a…