Crate Training

How crates can be used when training a dog? Crates are incredibly useful tools for dog training – but we often forget that they’re an option. If your crate is gathering dust now that your puppy is potty trained, you might be under-using it. Crate training can be used as part of the training plan for many common behavior problems. Issues like jumping on guests or growling around the food bowl are perfect examples. Of course, it’s always important to make sure that your dog is getting plenty of time out of the crate with the family. If your dog…

Feeding a Dog in Their Crate – Yes or No?

Some households choose to crate train their dogs for multiple reasons. Dogs have a natural instinct to nestle into dens and areas that make them feel safe. But, should we feed our dogs in the very areas meant to be safe spaces? There are many factors that could contribute to this decision, so let’s explore them all! Here are some of the pros and cons to feeding your dog in a crate. ~ One reason why feeding your dog in the crate might be beneficial is to create a happy place. At first the crate can look scary and intimidating, so feeding…