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Using a Portable Pet Pen for Crate Training Your Puppy

In a perfect world, dog owners would be able to devote their entire day to raising the perfect puppy. But for some new dog owners, a puppy comes into our life when we least expected it. For me, a tiny, energetic puppy came frolicking into my life during my last semester of school as a surprise gift. Even though I was incredibly excited to have my dream puppy, my schedule was hectic. I would have to get creative with my training methods as I headed towards school finals. The two most challenging issues I faced were crate training and potty…

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy in Their Crate

Crate-training is a controversial topic. Most experienced dog owners agree that helping your dog adjust to quiet time in their crate is a good way to set boundaries, keep them safe, and allow you time away from the house. If a crate is not properly used, your dog may avoid it. Whether a brand new owner or well-experience pet caretaker, consider some of these easy tips to keep your dog busy in their crate. Properly Using a Crate Dogs are natural den animals. A crate gives them a private, enclosed space where they can relax and sleep.  Many times, curious dogs will naturally begin…