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How to train your dog to stay in the yard

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, it’s only common sense to have your dog use it! But what if you don’t have a fence? Or what if your dog jumps over your fence and escapes? Can you train your dog to stay in the yard? My first suggestion to keep your dog in the yard is always going to be to improve your fence. No matter how much training you do, if there’s no physical barrier in place, you’re taking a gamble. Most dogs can’t overcome a six-foot fence with coyote rollers. This has the added benefit of…

Tips for Creating a Dog-Friendly Patio

Summertime is here and families will be spending a lot more time outside with their dogs. Patios are the perfect place for barbeques and parties, but also dog playdates! If you want to adapt your patio to be dog-friendly, here are some important points to think about. @Our_Long_Strange_Trip Plants Plants are essential when creating a beautiful, outdoor patio, but some are very poisonous to dogs. Stay away from Tulips, Lily of the Valley, and Autumn Crocus, just to name a few. Keep expensive flowers up high and vegetable gardens in a raised bed above dog eye-level. Stick to large, safe shrubs and herbs like…