Caitlin Wark


What type of dog food should you be purchasing?

There are many people out there with strong opinions about dog food. We are here to look at the advantages and disadvantages for each type of dog food that you could feed your pet. With the increase of recalls, food allergies, and the desire to know where food is coming from, people are choosing to feed their dogs differently. Remember, each dog is an individual and may digest and enjoy foods differently. Before you make a decision, please discuss your plan with a veterinarian to make sure all essential nutrients are included. Raw Diet A raw diet consists of only…

What temperature is safe for a dog outside?

Involving our canine friends in outdoor activities that keep us active is important for bonding and exercise. But, what temperature is safe for a dog outside? Here are some key tips to think about when planning your outdoor adventures, rain or shine. Hot Weather It is always important to bring plenty of water for our furry friends on all our outings, as dogs can become dehydrated very quickly. Breaks in the shade may also be necessary for dogs that are brachycephalic, like pugs and boxers. It is essential to pay attention to the signs of heat stroke, particularly for breeds…